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Bergamot and violet candle burning in hand with plants in the background

n1rvana state

GIF of mind, body and soul in Trejan font
studio shoot of bergamot and violet fragrance candle with green backdrop
Flatlay of N1rvana Organics Hemp Seed Nutrition Powder 500g pack along with a badminton racket kept on the court
n1rvana organics logo printed on wooden lid with plant shadows and the background
Carrying Hemp Seed Nutrition Powder in hand at the badminton court

Premium Organic Hemp Products

You deserve the best. 

Your home. Your body. Your mood. 

All-natural luxury aromatherapy candles. Made with vegetable butters infused with cannabinoids for a restorative, relaxing & nourishing experience.

Aromatherapy for your soul.


flatlay of vanilla & patchouli and bergamot & violet candles kept on a embroidered tray next to the artificial flowers
A burning candle and a gemstone necklace kept on the marble board next to the artificial roses reflecting in the mirror
attempting to burn a candle with the lighter
Vanilla & Patchouli candle kept open next to a brass vase of money plant

Holistic and versatile plant-based protein with a complete amino-acid profile. The only naturally occurring source of 

Edestin Protein.


Meet your new staple.

Flatlay of Hemp Seed Nutrition Powder box, brown wooden scoop, hand blender and a protein shake mug kept on the grey table

Say hello to
Carbon-negative nutrition

A 360 degree rotating gif of 500g pack Hemp Seed Nutrition Powder

A Tale About Hemp

The sacred grass of ancient India, and the key essence for oneness and wellbeing.

Unravel the myths.

Hemp Seed Nutrition Powder sustainable package box
Flatlay of a white box, wooden lid and a yellow coloured khadi pouch with n1rvana organics logo
Flatlay of a shipping cardboard box, a wooden scoop and a yellow coloured khadi pouch

A sustainable lifestyle is a road-map, an action plan towards a promising future where living conditions and resource-use satisfy human needs without undermining the “integrity, stability and beauty” of the environment.

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