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nirvana state of mind body and soul

Premium Organic Hemp Products


for the super in you

Hemp Seed Nutrition Powder

Holistic and versatile plant-based protein with a complete amino-acid profile. The only naturally occurring source of 

Edestin Protein.


Meet your new staple.

A Tale About Hemp

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The sacred grass of ancient India, and the key essence for oneness and wellbeing.

Unravel the myths.

Strive for sustainability

A sustainable lifestyle is a road-map, an action plan towards a promising future where living conditions and resource-use satisfy human needs without undermining the “integrity, stability and beauty” of the environment.

the n1rvana difference

With a mission to restore the environmental, physiological and spiritual balance of the world - we believe in luxurious wellness, with a conscience. 


To that point, we only use the finest organic hemp, sun-grown and sustainably farmed in the Himalayan foothills. All of our products are ethically produced and doubly tested with the highest standards to ensure that you always get the best possible efficacy and an unrivalled experience.