Elevating Your Health With Hemp

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Recently, hemp’s reputation for nutrition and wellness has seen a terrific rise as its countless health benefits are being felt throughout the world. 

Our Hemp Seed Nutrition Powder is a simple, versatile and effective way to strengthen your immune system and bolster daily nutrient intake. It boasts a complete spectrum of essential nutrients required by the body, including proteins; vitamins; minerals; all essential amino acids; and dietary fibre!

green hemp leaves falling on a bucket full of hemp seeds

Health experts widely recommend hemp seeds as a rich source of gluten-free protein packed with crucial micronutrients like Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Iron,  Zinc, Vitamin D and Vitamin E. What’s more, these seeds are a versatile superfood that have been shown to minimize risk of arthritis, diabetes, heart disease; regulate cholesterol levels; reduce skin problems; and even prevent hair fall!

Hemp seeds are a storehouse of the globular proteins - Albumin and Edestin. Why are these important? Albumin and Edestin are constituents of the fluid that make up blood plasma and are essential for a healthy immune system. On top of that, hemp seeds are the only-naturally occurring source of the Edestin protein, which is also a major component for DNA repair. Apart from growing and maintaining muscles, tissues and vital organs; protein also assists in boosting fat-metabolism!