Lean & Green Smoothie

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Are you looking to build your health; strengthen your immunity; rebalance your body; AND cut those extra bits of fat?

Enriched with nutrient-dense superfoods, our Lean and Green smoothie is the best place to start!

Just two tablespoons of our Hemp Seed Nutrition Powder provides an impressive boost of all essential amino acids; proteins and dietary fibre. It also helps in speeding up fat metabolism and rebalancing your body’s ratio* of the vital Omega-3 and Omega-6.

The added benefits of parsley’s anti-bacterial properties; basil’s detoxifying powers, and a healthy dose of antioxidants and vitamins from Strawberries and Chia seeds truly make this your perfect everyday fat-fighting smoothie!

*Hemp seeds contain a 1:3 ratio of Omega-3:Omega-6 while a typical diet has a 1:15 ratio.

green smoothie

PREP TIME: 5 mins