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The Ultimate Protein Comparison

Updated: Oct 16, 2020


Proteins or the ‘building blocks of our body’ play a crucial role in building and repairing muscles, tissue, bones and also in the production of hormones, enzymes and other chemicals required by our body. Compared to other nutrients, our bodies need protein in relatively larger amounts. Often, protein from our daily diets is not enough to meet our daily nutritional needs, that is why some of the most common supplements are protein supplements.

Next time when  you’re looking for the right protein supplement, consider this chart:

difference between whey and hemp

With Hemp Seeds checking off almost all the boxes, we find them to be the perfect protein supplement that offer a much better and cleaner alternative to other plant and animal-based proteins! 

It is simply an organic super-seed, which when added to your life will nurture your health from youth through old age. Whether you consume Whey, Soy, Eggs, Chicken etc. or not, a lifestyle that includes Hemp Seed will ensure you get enough protein, Omegas, fibre and other essential vitamins and minerals. With the inevitability of stress in the 21st century and with less time to focus on ourselves (and the pandemic of course!), we all need something that can help us build our immunity, undo the damages caused by pollution and adulteration, and boost our productivity by enabling us to not worry about our health.

Let us elevate your health with the power of Hemp Seed!


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